Adding Layers in True Seattle Style

After I bragged about the sunny weather we’ve been seeing in Seattle recently, the clouds rolled in with a boastfulness of their own. And now it is raining and cold.

No mind. I just add an extra layer to stay warm and dry.

Adding layers for true Seattle style.

I’ve got the gray boots back on from my first post. If I’m really wise, I’ll add the skinny jeans and motorcycle jacket I wrote about yesterday.

Adding layers for true Seattle style.

For now, though, just pretend that I did that.

Adding layers for true Seattle style.

The cinching belts on the back of the vest add visual cinching to my waist, even if the vest isn’t zipped up.

Adding layers for true Seattle style.

You’ve seen this faux fur vest before when I wore it for the Christmas Fab Collab I did with Jodie, Nancy, and Charlotte.

One of the reasons I love it so much is that it goes with nearly everything in my wardrobe. But another really good reason to love it is the warmth it adds. Because it is sleeveless, I can layer it under jackets without adding too much bulk.

Adding layers for true Seattle style.

The day I took these pictures, I forgot to get one of the vest under the motorcycle jacket, so again I must ask you to use your imagination.

Adding layers for true Seattle style.

You can see how much sunnier it was the day I took the photos. It was a battle against streams of light–one I did not win!


Tomorrow I switch from this lovely dress to another lovely dress I bought at Sassafras! Come back and see if I survive the rain!

Affiliate link disclaimer: Please note, although I paid for the items from Sassafrass I feature here, I did receive a discount when I purchased them. I have not been paid by Sassafrass to write about the store or items. Any links associated with other parts of my outfit are affiliate links. By clicking those links and purchasing from those stores, I might receive a small commission. This supports the work I do here and I greatly appreciate your support!

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  • I have to first comment about the streams of light….I know when we’re taking photos, I get a little miffed at the sunshine. And then I think—what? I should be happy about the sunshine!! Funny, how our perspective can change depending on what we’re doing!
    Thanks so much f or getting a look at the back of that vest!! I fell in love with it in our collab—it’s so lovely!!
    Oh, and I forgot to mention—your glasses!! Love how funky they are!!

    • Yes! It is funny how our perspective changes depending on what we’re doing. I typically don’t mind the light streaming in but when I’m trying to get a photo, it can be intrusive! 🙂 That’s why you see I’m trying something a little different with the photos that have a lit backdrop. I’m still learning how to do that kind of photography, so it’s pretty rough around the edges. We’ll see if I can master it.

      As for the glasses, thank you! We get our funky frames at Sassy Glasses in Phoenix, though we just learned of a place here in Seattle that has fun frames too. I was actually wearing glasses for these pics because I’m running out of contacts and my appointment isn’t until the 24th. 🙂 I did not plan well! Oh well! Gives me a reason to sport the specs.

      Thanks again for all your love! I’ll reciprocate on your blog today or tomorrow!


  • I have been a long time lover of vests and love them in all of their forms.
    I really like the way this little black vest looks with this tunic/dress. It gives the whole outfit a more funky and sporty feel. That gray pinstripe is SO good. It’s the best part of this pattern/color blocked piece.

    • I totally agree — the pinstripes are why I bought the dress in the first place. It makes me so happy when I see something so traditionally “buttoned-up” like pinstripes shifted into something playful in combination with the color blocking. Sporty is a great word for the vest too!