Announcing 40+ Blogger Meet-Up!

Calling All 40+ Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers!

Christmas hasn’t even been over 24 hours and you’re exhausted. We’re all exhausted. December is a sprint-to-the-finish kind of month. What we all need at the end of it is something warm, something relaxing, something that will rejuvenate the senses and get us back in the game.

Enter Winter in the Desert, a 40+ blogger meet-up I’m hosting this February 10-12 in Phoenix, Arizona! If you’re a fashion or lifestyle blogger, you’re invited!

The plan is a weekend that combines unique experiences, relaxation, and bonding time with friends and colleagues. You’re welcome to participate in the activities as much or as little as you like. The goal at the end of the meet-up is for everyone to feel refreshed, supported, and energized for the new year.

To make proper plans, I need to know how many to expect, so let’s see a show of hands. If you are a 40+ fashion or lifestyle blogger and you are interested in attending, please comment below by January 10th. You can also drop me a line via my About page or through my Facebook page. Please be sure to contact me by January 10th and include your name and blog “handle” in your correspondence. Once I have a general headcount, I can provide hotel ideas and put together a schedule.

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