Channeling a Fairy Queen Vibe in an Anthro Dress

This week’s post is brought to you by the lovechild of the 1960s and the Middle Ages.

Channeling Fairy Queen Vibe in an Anthro Dress

It has sort of this magical forest fairy feel to it with its drapey sleeves and embroidered flowers.

Channeling Fairy Queen Vibe in an Anthro Dress

The metallic threads woven into the sweater-weight fabric and the shiny sequins mixed in with the embroidered yarn make me feel as though I might be able to fly. If only I could wish hard enough.

No, I did not smoke anything or
consume an hallucinogen before writing this post.

I did, however, find a gold belt to turn into a crown. That makes sense, right?

Channeling Fairy Queen Vibe in an Anthro Dress

Should we bring back crowns as headwear?
I think so. But not just for heads of countries.
Let’s bring them back for All The People.
Because we’re all beautiful and royal in our own way.

Channeling Fairy Queen Vibe in an Anthro Dress

So, let’s get serious for a sec. This dress was a gift from Hubby for Christmas. It’s from Anthropologie and, last I checked was on huge closeout sale. It is so unique and super comfy and I’m serious when I say it makes me feel ethereal when I wear it.

Crown off. Velvet on!

Channeling Fairy Queen Vibe in an Anthro Dress

This jacket, which was featured in one of my very first posts, is another one of my old holdbacks from Zenobia of Canada. Like the houndstooth skirt I wrote about last week and a few weeks back, this coat is about 16 years old. I’ve had similar doubts about it as I did the skirt, but seeing it here with its velvety lusciousness stealing the show, I believe it has made its way back into regular rotation. Just wait ’til I pair it up with my new Fleuvog boots! (More on that to come!)

Meanwhile, let’s all take a moment to do the YMCA.
Or at least part of it. I think I left out the M.

Channeling Fairy Queen Vibe in an Anthro Dress

The weird things you do when you’re trying to get photos that show how the outfit moves.

Channeling Fairy Queen Vibe in an Anthro Dress

So…ahem…back to this dress.

Channeling Fairy Queen Vibe in an Anthro Dress

I wear it quite a bit (without the crown). It’s really a sweater dress with a swing silhouette that comes right out of the 1960s. The Sixties got their inspiration for wide sleeves from the Middle Ages. They may have gotten the notion for the silhouette of this dress from the same era, although back in the days of King Arthur, I don’t think anyone of any gender showed their knees in public.

The scandal!

But while we’re talking about knees, take a look at these boots.

Channeling Fairy Queen Vibe in an Anthro Dress

I wore them in last week’s post too. They’re good looking boots from Calvin Klein, but I will admit they’re not the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. I don’t wear them when I know I will be walking from downtown Seattle to Capital Hill, for example. (For reference, that’s about a mile walk, give or take.)

Still, I do love the gold accents, so I wear them if I don’t have to walk very far or if I’m taking “the carriage.”

And what queen doesn’t like a little bit of gold
and a carriage to get her where she’s going?

Shopping Notes:

Dress from Anthropologie: On Sale Here | Similar here
Velvet Duster from Zenobia of Canada (Old): Similar here
“Crown” Belt by St. John (Old): Similar here
Boots by Calvin Klein: Here
Brown Tights by HUE: Here

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  • Sherry…the fun & whimsey really come out in this post and pictures!!
    Isn’t it so fun to find a dress (a dress, right?) that you love and makes you feel so good!!
    I just purchased a couple of things from Anthropologie on my birthday trip to the mall. And I remember thinking about this store and my past.
    I never used to be that enthralled with the store, but I have a feeling it was because of where I was in my life. I was a serious dentist, and these clothes are more creative and unique!! Because I was agog at all of the fun pieces on my recent trip–as opposed to thinking where would I wear this?
    Funny how our perspective can change, right? Kinda like the dress thing?

    • Anthropologie is such a great shop for whimsy and unique styles. I can imagine they would feel out of step in a serious dentist’s office. But I’m so glad you rediscovered it later! Will you be showcasing some of your new items in your posts? (Perhaps you already have and I need to go catch up on your blog!)

      Thank you for always cheering me on, Jodie! You mean so much!!


  • You pull off the fairy princess look in a completely charming and sincere way Sherry. This may have something to do with being petite in stature but the little twinkle in your eye and also in your toes is convincing me that Tinker Bell has got nothing on you my dear!!
    The dress is really darling and looks so smart with both the boots and the coat. Yup, that coat is a forever keeper. I say that because it’s velvet which is unique and just happens to be on trend but also because it’s a classic cut. It seems to me this coat could always serve as a dressy cover up with a more formal dress too!
    By the way your little fairy dance was quite sweet!!!

    • Thank you, Marilee! It’s funny how certain things can bring out certain things in us when we wear them. This outfit is so whimsical and playful that I can’t help but express that when I wear it!

      I’ll definitely be keeping the coat for all the reasons you mentioned. I’m debating now whether to bring it out for my “Oscar Party” post–we’ll see.

      Looking forward to seeing you soon!

      – Sherry

    • Thank you, Shybiker! Drama is a good word for those sleeves. And I’m right there with you when Anthro has their sales!! I was just perusing their home section recently–they had some good prices on sheets!

      Hope you’re having a great week!

      – Sherry

  • Oh I happily steal everyone of these pieces from you! Better not bring them to Arizona! ; P

    I agree with Marilee…you are a great Tinker Bell.


  • That’s a fabulous dress! Such a great anthro vibe. I love that anthro pieces always transport me into the beautiful store, where I live an imaginary life… 🙂

    From IG it looks like you all had a fabulous blogger meet up!