Congratulations to the Winner!

Congratulations to
Andrea Lee!

Andrea is the winner of my Etsy gift card giveaway! As it turns out, she is an over-40 fashion and lifestyle blogger as well. She writes about fashion, food, and life in the Bay Area over at Andrea’s Wellness Notes.

Look at those cute jeans! (Photo from Andrea’s blog. Click the photo to visit her blog.)

When I wrote her to tell her the good news of her win, she said she was very excited. She also mentioned that she had never shopped on Etsy before. Given her good taste in hand-crafted objects and how often she supports local businesses, I think she’s going to find a kinship and lots of inspiration with the shopkeepers on Etsy!

Thank you to everyone who entered by sharing what adventures you’re chasing in 2017. It’s inspiring to see what everyone is reaching for!

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