Fab Collab: The Ageless Appeal of Pearls at Fifty-Plus

4 women ages 40 to 70 style pearls in a modern way.

All of our closets and jewelry boxes contain stories. So many pieces carry memories. Which ones mean the most to you and why?

The Fab Collab I’m doing this week with the beautiful ladies of JTouchofStyle.com is all about those memories, centered on an ageless piece of jewelry: the pearl necklace.

Today, I invite you to take a look at Jodie’s story. She shows how she styles her necklace at 50-plus. The story behind her necklace carries memories of a friendship loved and lost. It’s heartfelt and deeply moving.

Below is an excerpt from her blog. To read more, click here.

The Pearl Necklace Styled by Jodie

This pearl necklace was gifted to me after my dear friend passed away.

Her name was Bethany and I think about her daily. As I remember it, her mother gave me the necklace at the funeral. My recall about that actual time is fuzzy because (like many) I was in deep grief. But my recollection is that her mom, Pam, gave the necklace  to me and said she wanted me to have it because it was a special necklace of Bethany’s….

To read more, please visit Jodie’s blog at JTouchofStyle.com.

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