Fab Collab Celebrates Christmas at 60 Plus

It’s that time again when the ladies from JTouchofStyle join me in a Fab Collab. This time we’re celebrating Christmas together by sharing holiday memories and clothing we wore for the occasion.

My story kickstarted the celebration. We continued the party yesterday with a story from Jodie and now it’s Nancy’s turn at the mike. Charlotte will share her memories tomorrow.

As many of you know, each of us was born in a different decade: Charlotte is in her 70s, Nancy is in her 60s, Jodie is in her 50s, and I am in my 40s. As a result, our memories offer quite a range of fashion history! Our stories don’t end there, however. We also share our ideas for how we style Christmas outfits for today.

I hope you enjoy this little cyber celebration! Please be sure to share your own Christmas fashion memories—the good and the bad—in the comments below or on our Facebook pages. Pictures welcome! 🙂

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Nancy’s Story about her Christmas Picture Memories

One of our family traditions ever since I was married to Jodie’s father was to go to the Figgy Pudding Party at our church.  It is a concert of Christmas music and fun dialogues with a delicious dessert during the intermission made by our host or hostess, who happens to be performing in the program.  It is always the first weekend in December and is a perfect way to start off the Christmas season and gets us into the holiday spirit. Needless to say, they don’t serve figgy pudding at the party. They tried the first couple of years, but it went over like a lead balloon! But the name stuck!

To continue reading Nancy’s story, and to see the outfit she chose today, head over to JTouchofStyle.com!

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