Fab Collab: Celebrating Summer in a Sundress at 60-Plus

4 women ranging in age from 40s to 70s style sundresses

The Fab Collab I’m doing this week with the beautiful ladies of JTouchofStyle.com is all about memories centered on an a summer icon: the sundress. There are four generations in this Fab Collab. Each of us has our own unique relationship to sundresses, so we’re all taking turns to tell our stories and show how we style them.

On Tuesday, Jodie posted a story about a dress from her mother made for her. My story was all about reclaiming casual dresses for my signature style. Today, I invite you to take a look at Nancy’s story. The story behind her dress carries memories of summers on the shores of Lake Michigan. She also shows how she styles a sundress today at 60-plus.

Below is an excerpt from her story. To read more, click here.

Nancy’s Story

Having grown up in Northern Indiana, on the shores of Lake Michigan, I was a sunshine, beach girl. It was certainly the time of the beach movies with Frankie & Annette!


And since this was ages before sunscreen was popular, a sundresses was a good way to show off your tan!  My hair was bleached out a bit by the sun and had a blondish tint that eventually turned brunette. A combination perfect  for  a sundress!

When I got older and struggled with the issue of weight, I went to Weight Watchers. Wanting to show off my almost 30 pound loss and (as it turns out, the lowest weight of my adult life,) I bought this blue & white sundress to proudly show off my sexy new body.

To read more of Nancy’s story, and to see how she styles her sundress at 60-plus, click here!

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  • I’m popping over to read Nancy’s story now. The thing is, if she were to walk out the door today in this outfit, it would still be classed as a high fashion outfit. X

    • So true, Laurie! Her outfit looks right at home in 2016, right?

      Thank you for stopping by and saying hello! I hope you’re having a great week!

      – Sherry