Fab Collab: Celebrating Summer in a Sundress at 70-Plus

4 women ranging in age from 40s to 70s style sundresses

The Fab Collab I’m doing this week with the beautiful ladies of JTouchofStyle.com comes to an end today with Charlottee’s story. All week, we’ve been sharing memories and style ideas centered on an a summer icon: the sundress. There are four generations in this Fab Collab and each of us has our own unique relationship to sundresses.

On Monday, I shared my connection to casual dresses and showed how I styled a Lilly Pulitzer dress at 40-plus. Jodie was next on the roster, sharing about a favorite from her past as well as how she styled a sundress today for 50-plus. Nancy shared her sundress story and showed her own personal style at 60-plus.

Today, I invite you to take a look at Charlotte’s story. She shows how she styles her dress at 70-plus. The story behind her sundress carries memories of handmade dresses and travel adventures with Jodie.

Below is an excerpt from her story. To read more, click here.

Charlotte’s Story

In Charlotte’s words: To me a sundress is a washable comfortable dress to be worn in the heat of summer.  It was usually worn for vacation travel. The one in the picture below was yellow gingham, loose fitting with a  tie belt and about knee length.


After making my dress I had enough fabric left to make one for Jodie (about 10 years old).  We wore these matching dresses on one of our summer trips to Washington D.C.(the picture of Charlotte was at Mount Vernon). It’s funny because I remember overhearing a lady wondering if I had made or purchased the dresses. But since she was a stranger, I didn’t respond. Nowadays it seems like dresses are the last thing worn for travel.

To read more about Charlotte and Jodie’s travels in dresses, click here!

  • I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but so many readers love this idea of the stories and pictures from the past! This has been such an interesting, fun and brilliant idea of yours Sherry! I know I’ve said it before, but it deserves repeating—you’re the best!

    • Oh, Jodie!! You do realize you are the original inspiration for the whole idea, right? I remember seeing your blog and thinking how cool it was that you show three different decades of women showcasing a particular style in their own way. Thank you, Nancy, and Charlotte for jumping in, telling your stories, and coming up with new ideas for more Fab Collabs! I can’t wait for the next one!


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