Fab Collab: Fab in Plaid at Fifty-Plus

All of our closets contain stories. So many pieces carry memories. Which ones mean the most to you and why?

The Fab Collab I’m doing this week with the beautiful ladies of JTouchofStyle.com is all about those memories, centered on a classic fall pattern: plaid.

Yesterday I shared stories about a special skirt my mom wore as a girl and a dress I wore in college that popped up in more than one photo from that time. Then I showed how I style plaid today with a look I call Rocker Geek.

Today, I invite you to take a look at Jodie’s story. She shares sweet memories of time with her grandpa and showcases a feminine plaid that hints back to the dress she wore as a girl.

Below is an excerpt from her blog. To read more, click here.

For your convenience, I’ll be linking all of Jodie’s posts from my blog here, but I recommend heading over to Jodie’s blog and subscribing so as not to miss out on a moment of the fun.


As I looked back among my old photos searching for ones that I was wearing plaid of some kind, I was drawn this one of my grandfather and me. It really is interesting how a photo can bring back feelings and emotions that you’d totally forgotten. But this photo reminded me of such wonderful times that I had with my grandpa—I had to be about 5 in this photo.

I was definitely my grandpa’s favorite grandchild. LOL. Of course, that probably had more to do with my location rather than my personality. My grandparents lived only a half an hour away from where I grew up in Toledo, Ohio. Thus I got to see them more than just the occasional holiday or birthday. In fact, I remember many a Sunday dinner at their table with soup first, relishes to snack on, and then the meat & potatoes!

For the rest of the story and to see her modern take on plaid, click this link to go to Jodie’s blog!

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