Fab Collab: Fab in Plaid at Seventy-Plus

All of our closets contain stories. So many pieces carry memories. Which ones mean the most to you and why?

The Fab Collab I’m doing this week with the beautiful ladies of JTouchofStyle.com is all about those memories, centered on a classic fall pattern: plaid.

On Monday, I shared stories about a special skirt my mom wore as a girl and a dress I wore in college that popped up in more than one photo from that time. Then I showed how I style plaid today with a look I call Rocker Geek.

Next, Jodie shared sweet memories of time with her grandpa and showcased a feminine plaid that hints back to the dress she wore as a girl. To read more, click here.

Nancy was up next with memories of what it was like to try to make clothes for a petite body when patterns didn’t come in petite. For her modern look, she styled a pair of plaid shoes with pink and gray. To read her post, click here.

Today, Charlotte closes out this plaid collab by taking us back in time when women were expected (and often even required) to wear skirts and dresses in public. At home, though, it was a different story! Take a look at the whole story and then check out her updated look that includes a beautiful plaid skirt. Click here to read more.

Below is an excerpt from her blog. To read more, click here.

For your convenience, I’ll be linking all of Jodie’s posts from my blog here, but I recommend heading over to Jodie’s blog and subscribing so as not to miss out on a moment of the fun.


I picked out this picture for my mom’s plaid piece. Of course you realize that many of my mother’s pictures have me in them also, right? You could say that it’s an advantage of being an only child; you get all of the attention (good, bad and otherwise…ha ha)

As soon as I saw this photo, I asked my mother about these plaid pants. These pants looked like leggings to me, and she told me that of course they weren’t leggings. There wasn’t such a thing as leggings back in the 1960’s (or so said my mother). They were cotton pants—no ounce of stretch to them (we should be very thankful for spandex in our pants right now!!)

Mom told me these were pants she would put on when she came home from teaching. Basically, I’d call them our version of comfy clothes or even sweatpants! Or in my grandmother’s case, as seen in this picture, a housedress!

To continue reading Charlotte’s story, head over to Jodie’s blog by clicking here!

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