Fab Collab: Pastels for All Ages with Charlotte

It’s that time again when the ladies from JTouchofStyle and I pool our memories and photos to create a Fab Collab that spans the generations. Since it’s springtime, we’re diving into the sweet tradition of pastels in Spring. Over this coming week we’ll share style-memories from our past as well as ways we style these colors today. 

As many of you know, each of us “Fab Collabers” was born in a different decade: Charlotte is in her 70s, Nancy is in her 60s, Jodie is in her 50s, and I am in my 40s. As a result, our memories offer quite a range of fashion history!

My story kicked off the Fab Collab on Monday and Tuesday was Jodie’s turn. On Wednesday Nancy shared her history with pastels and today we get to hear from Charlotte!

Below is a collage of all four of us and our modern-day looks.

An excerpt from Charlotte’s history with pastels:

This was my first cruise during spring break a couple of years before retiring from teaching home economics.

Charlotte in her pastel dress on a cruise.

I traveled alone and met this elementary school principal from Florida. We hit it off as friends for this adventure and ended up going on many excursions together. For the life of me, I can’t remember her name, but we enjoyed each other’s company! 

The dress I had made a couple of years beforehand. It is a pastel plaid with bodice on the bias to create the soft cowl draped neckline. The turquoise earrings were purchased on a previous stop in the Dominica Republic.

To read more and to see how Charlotte styles pastels today, head over to her post on JTouchofStyle.com!

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  • Isn’t it funny how my mom remembers the smallest details about the pieces she’s made! I’m not even sure she still has this dress, but I bet she can tell you where she got the material and even how much she paid for it—ha ha!
    Thanks for all the fun with our collaborations, Sherry!!

    • I wonder if your mom’s detailed memory about these pieces has to do with the fact that she made them herself? People who create with their hands often seem to have a deep connection to the items they create. There’s an ownership there that’s different from when I go out and buy a dress or table or whatever. What do you think?

      – Sherry

  • We should all take a lesson from Charlotte’s sense of style. Her knowledge, taste and life experiences are worthy of great respect. Charlotte is a style icon in her own right.