Fab Collab: Summer Get-Away Styles Over 50

Welcome to the second in our Fab Collab series about Summer Get-Away styles! Yesterday I wrote about my love of getting away to the Straford Festival in Canada and how I never go without a scarf or two. Today, Jodie is up sharing memories of her summer get-aways with friends. She also will share a look that suits her get-aways today.

Petite Over 40 and the ladies from JTouchofStyle for a Fab Collab

These Fab Collabs are unique because each of us represents four different decades, spanning quite the range of fashion history. Charlotte, whose story will post on Thursday, is in her 70s. We’ll read Nancy’s story tomorrow. She is in her 60s. Jodie is in her 50s and I am in my 40s. Each story includes a fashion memory from our past and how we style along a similar theme today.

Below is an excerpt from Jodie’s story. To read the whole post, visit her blog by clicking here!

The past

Many of my summer get away photos back from my younger days involved my friend, Heidi! She just turned 50 this summer, so I asked her to join me in reminiscing about our times together. And just for reference, in both photos, I’m the blonde on the left!!



Who knew there was such a thing as Singles Day at the Colorado Renaissance Festival? Well back in the late 1980s there was–and maybe still is today? It’s not a bad idea! Jodie and I could not miss this opportunity so we put on our pink tops and headed to Larkspur, CO to mingle with other singles. We met a couple of guys (one pictured) and had a great time hanging out with them at the festival. At the end of the day we left with them to go for a ride on their motorcycles. It was kind of scary and not the smartest decision but YOLO.


I remember this pink T-shirt well – it had shoulder pads in it! I was working at Paul Harris at the time and purchased it there. My plaid shorts were a favorite and had a matching plaid button up short sleeve shirt that I would sometimes wear over the pink T-shirt thereby doubling up on the shoulder pads. I would like to say that this picture was taken after we rode motorcycles and that is why my hair is so big. But, that is not the case. At that time, my hair was permed and frosted on a regular basis by my mom.


Back in these days, I had quite a few cropped tops! Well, heck, I still had a muscular body from gymnastics, and the bottoms were more high waisted too! My hair was lighter than is is now but only because I used Sun In and lemon juice when I was out on the porch sun bathing! Yes, I used to try to tan quite a bit. I never was able to get as dark as Heidi, but this was tan for me!!



This picture would have been taken in the early 1990s when I was married and was living in St. Joseph, Missouri. My ex’s family had a house at the Lake of Ozarks and we spent a lot of time there during the summers. On this occasion, we brought Jodie and our friend Brandi with us (sadly, Brandi passed away from cancer in the mid-2000s).After a fun-filled weekend we headed back home and stopped at Gorilla Burgers in Gravois Mills to eat. Of course, we had to get our picture taken with the gorillas out front. And, I have a drink in my hand again!!! I‘m thinking it was water . . . as I mentioned, it was a FUN weekend.


This white two piece set was like wearing pajamas (only with a belt). I loved the elastic waist band on the long shorts and the split front crop top. The only problem with the shirt was, when it caught a breeze, the top flap would fly up and expose one boob. So if it was windy outside, I had to hold the shirt down. Matching white/black beaded hoop earrings, black sunglasses and—though you can’t see them—black sandals. My hair had toned down a bit by this time as my mom was no longer giving me perms!


Hanging out with Heidi was always a blast because it was all about exploring and eating!! I think this is the outfit I wore to the airport home on this trip because I remember having to remove my belt to get through security, and having my shorts almost fall down!! As for my hair, it was bleached after a snafu at the beauty school!!

The Present

And here’s Heidi at her 50th birthday party on the left in pink with her sister!! She lives in Kansas City, Missouri and is the manager of marketing and events at KC Parks & Rec. I would have to laugh and consider it a perfect job for her!! She’s always been the “it” girl when it comes to having fun!!

To see how Jodie styles her get-aways today, visit her blog by clicking here. Be sure to come back tomorrow to see how Nancy gets outta dodge and what she wears when she does.

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