Fab Collab: Summer Get-Away Styles Over 60

Welcome to the third in our Fab Collab series about Summer Get-Away styles! On Monday I wrote about my love of getting away to the Straford Festival in Canada and how I never go without a scarf or two. Yesterday, Jodie shared memories of her summer get-aways with friends. Today it’s Nancy’s turn. Like Jodie, she has fond memories of get-aways with friends and she showcases a style she loves to wear with those friends today.

Petite Over 40 and the ladies from JTouchofStyle for a Fab Collab

These Fab Collabs are unique because each of us represents four different decades, spanning quite the range of fashion history. Charlotte, whose story will post on Thursday, is in her 70s. Nancy is in her 60s, Jodie is in her 50s, and I am in my 40s. Each story includes a fashion memory from our past and how we style along a similar theme today.

Below is an excerpt from Nancy’s story. To read her whole post, visit JTouchofStyle.com!

Nancy’s Past Photo & Friends

Some of my favorite summer vacations have been with my 5 high school friends.  We call ourselves the “La Las”.  Here I am with 2 of them in the week we spent together after our 50th High School Reunion just last year.  All six of us spent the next week enjoying things in our hometown of Michigan City, Indiana.

In this photo, Sandy and Diana are with me in the Lighthouse Museum up near the special lens that use to keep boats safe on Lake Michigan.  Naturally, we all have different fashion tastes.  Some of us are more ‘ fashionista-ish’ than the others.  Some are more casual and some more preppy.  When we are hanging out at one of our houses or a VRBO, anything goes for what we wear as our summer style.

When we go out, the true differences in style show up but we all fix up well.  I have certainly become more trendy since Jodie got a hold of me!!  What we do or what we wear isn’t the important part of getting together.  We all agree it is just being with each other that makes the time special! Can’t you tell by our smiles?

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: For Nancy’s summer style, whether she is travelling or at home, she loves her capri pants!

There is certainly much controversy whether these types of pants are the most flattering or not, but the three of us showed some options just this summer! And it’s going to be the theme for another series of posts later this month too! There are quite a selection found online for this variety of pants right now, so feel free to browse the ones I found below!

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    • It is hard to complain about sharing smiling faces with good friends. They all look fabulous and it’s lovely to see a group of ladies who have stayed together for so long.