Fab Collab: Summer Get-Away Styles Over 70

Welcome to the final installment in our Fab Collab series about Summer Get-Away styles! On Monday I wrote about my love of getting away to the Straford Festival in Canada and how I never go without a scarf or two. On Tuesday, Jodie shared memories of her summer get-aways with friends. Yesterday Nancy also had stories about fond memories of get-aways with friends. Today, Charlotte tells a story about a trip to Scotland she took and how she styles her summer get-aways today.

Petite Over 40 and the ladies from JTouchofStyle for a Fab Collab

These Fab Collabs are unique because each of us represents four different decades, spanning quite the range of fashion history. Charlotte is in her 70s, Nancy is in her 60s, Jodie is in her 50s, and I am in my 40s. Each story includes a fashion memory from our past and how we style along a similar theme today.

Below is an excerpt from Charlotte’s story. To read her whole post, visit JTouchofStyle.com!

Away Style Story from the Past from Charlotte

This was my first trip with this particular travel group. It was in May 2003 and we were traveling to Scotland. My roommate was a lady named Charlene who was nicknamed Char. It was funny because since I am Charlotte, we would both jump when the name Char was called.

The group was all women, and ironically we would all wear pants. Yet our Scottish tour guide was a man and he would wear his grandfather’s kilt!! So the joke was that his was the only skirt on the tour.

We had retail therapy almost every two hours on this trip, whenever we stopped for food or bathrooms. Since we were all women, we all liked to shop so we did!! And our bus driver and tour guide swore they were developing hernias from loading our luggage. Somehow the amount of luggage ended up doubling in quantity from the beginning to the end of the trip.

This photo was near Glasglow towards the end of the trip.

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: Even now, my mom would rather take pants to wear for her away style!

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    • I just love how all the women wore pants and the guy was wearing a skirt! If more men realized how comfortable skirts and dresses are in the summer, they might outnumber us in wearing them! 😀


  • Charlotte is a treasure! The cact that she is a gifted seamstress means her opinions on fashion deserve respect and attention. This accounting of her journey to Scotland is great! I’m off to read the rest on Jodie’s blog!

    • I totally agree, Jude!! Charlotte really is a style inspiration to me. I think of her when I’m trying to balance trend with timeless elegance. And I love her story about Scotland!