Cozy Flannel for a Winter Weekend in Seattle

Finally, the weekend!

I can think of nothing better to wear on a winter weekend in Seattle than a flannel top handmade by Northwest designer Candace.

Cozy Flannel for a Winter Weekend in Seattle

If you follow my blog, you first saw this top when I joined forces with the fab ladies of the Fab 40s group to create a grunge look Kurt Cobain would be proud of. Since then, I have worn the heck out of this comfy shirt. It is warm, it layers well, and I love the blue + black plaid.

Cozy Flannel for a Winter Weekend in Seattle

When I bought this at Sassafras, Amy, the owner of the shop, showed me all the different styles available from Candace and all the details she designs into each piece.

For starters, this isn’t your grandpa’s shirt, ladies. It has seaming that cinches at the waist just slightly so those lady curves don’t get covered up. My curves tend to show up brightly around my hips, but not so much up top. I’m not looking to bust out all over the place, but the simple seaming at the waist does a lot to feather feminine lines into a traditionally masculine shirt.

Cozy Flannel for a Winter Weekend in Seattle

The sleeves also have a contrasting pattern so when you roll them up, there’s a happy surprise.

Cozy Flannel for a Winter Weekend in Seattle

You’ll notice I also have on my slippers…er…Khombu snow boots again. When it’s cold and rainy outside, I can’t imagine wearing anything else.

In fact, I’m off to the Women’s March this morning 
and I’ll be wearing these boots for the nearly 4-mile trek across the city.
Will you be there? If you see me, say Hi!

Other details on this Candace top include metal snap buttons. I know a lot of flannel tops have snaps like these, but I love the little bit of bling they add to the shirt. Again, in combination with the shaping and with a couple of necklaces added in, the reflection of light coming off the black and silver add a touch of femininity.

Cozy Flannel for a Winter Weekend in Seattle

Speaking of feminine, let’s talk about this gem-pendant necklace. It is extra-special because the gems come from a “mother’s ring” my grandmother had. She owned two “mother’s rings” and my sister had both of them. For Christmas she had them remade into necklaces. She gave me one and kept the other one.

How special is that???

Cozy Flannel for a Winter Weekend in Seattle

Even writing about it now, I get all choked up and misty-eyed. As grateful as I am for all the gifts I got at Christmas, this is the one I cherish with all my heart. I’ve started looking for v-neck and button-down tops so I can wear it more often. You will be seeing more of it in the future.

The Moto Jacket is Back

Of course, no winter weekend in Seattle is complete without a great jacket. After working all week to add warmth and style to dresses I purchased at Sassafras, my motorcycle jacket returns yet again to complete my outfit and prepare me to face the rainy, cold weekend outdoors.

Cozy Flannel for a Winter Weekend in Seattle

I think these are a match made in style heaven, don’t you?

And now for something similar but slightly different: how about the gray skinny jeans featured earlier this week and those Vince booties I can’t get enough of? (Similar booties here.)

Cozy Flannel for a Winter Weekend in Seattle

Add in the jacket and a little deep thinking and you’ve got yourself true Seattle style.

Cozy Flannel for a Winter Weekend in Seattle

And so ends our week of celebrating locally designed and handmade clothing from Sassafras boutique in Seattle! Fear not, however–I am wholly committed to Sassafras’ mission and I aim to lend my support whenever I can.

If you’d like to lend your support, Sassafras is having a sale during January. If you’re in town, scurry on over and see what they’ve got cooking!

Winter sale at Sassafras in Seattle

To stay in touch with Sassafras and hear more about their sales and events, “Like” their Facebook page and/or follow them on Instagram and Twitter too!

Next week:

I team up with my friend Diane from Fashion on the Fourth Floor to talk New Year’s Resolutions, pink hair, and red leather trench coats from the 1970s!

Affiliate link disclaimer: Please note, although I paid for the items from Sassafrass I feature here, I did receive a discount when I purchased them. I have not been paid by Sassafrass to write about the store or items. Any links associated with other parts of my outfit are affiliate links. By clicking those links and purchasing from those stores, I might receive a small commission. This supports the work I do here and I greatly appreciate your support!

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  • What a wonderful necklace, Sherry!! It makes it so special to know the story behind it!
    I think the shaping of this top makes it stand out so much instead of making you into a box shape! In fact, I’ve sewed these darts into a couple of client’s blouses just for this reason! It makes such a difference!!

    • Darts! That was the word I could not remember to describe the seaming in the shirt! See??? I need to take classes from you and your mom. 🙂


  • It’s clear to me that the casual styles of Seattle are very similar to those in Minnesota. We may do a bit more bundling up for our colder temperatures and snow but none the less fashion is often about comfort. I think I could safely use the term “classy grunge” (?)
    You look so cute in this outfit. I LOVE a good ol’ buffalo plaid and this blue/black is particularly lovely I recently picked up a couple of great jackets that are partially embellished with the classic red/black buffalo plaid. One was from a consignment shop and one from Goodwill! I’m finding that I like your moto jacket with pretty much any of your oufits Sherry!
    I also marched in the Women’s March on Saturday in St. Paul. Our numbers were close to 100 thousand! It was SO moving to be a part of that crowd of mostly women but also men, children and whole families. I’m guessing your experience was similar.

    • I think you’re right, Marilee! Styles in Minnesota and Seattle strike me as very similar. Although your temps tend to be far colder than ours, in the winter it’s all about staying warm and dry with style. 🙂

      Love the idea of your two jackets! Send me a photo of you wearing them!

      Thank you for connecting with me about your experience in the March on Saturday in St. Paul! I feel energized and in community with millions of others now!

      Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!!


    • Hi, Shybiker! Thank you for checking out the flannel and taking the time to comment. I’m with you–a motorcycle jacket always gives off a cool vibe. Sadly, I am not a real biker. Two wheels and I have never gotten along well, except on a Segway and even then the relationship was a bit tentative.

      I’m off to check out your blog and hope to spend more time visiting it in the weeks to come. Your bellydancing post looks like fun! My sis-in-law used to do that regularly as well. All that bling on the dresses is enough to get me curious.

      Thanks again for dropping by! Hope to see you again soon.

      – Sherry

  • LOVE that leather jacket! James Dean cool baby!

    That flannel shirt looks darn cozy. A fitted shape for a woman’s body makes it special as well as the different fabrics on the cuffs.

    Hope you enjoyed the march! I heard it was empowering.f