How Empowers Women Over 40 to Find Their Style

Finding one’s signature style over 40 years of age might come easily for some, but for me, it has been the stuff of therapy. I’ve been rediscovering old loves, confronting preconceived notions, and battling insecurities I never knew I had about my body and my place in the world.

Thankfully, I haven’t had to do all this alone. Besides lovely readers and a very supportive Over-40 blogging community, I’ve come across passionate experts, like Jacynth Bassett of, a curated online shop and blog that specializes in style for women over 40.

“Every woman deserves to and can look stylish.”

Jacynth started her company in 2015 after seeing how her mom’s love for style was “being squashed by the dowdy/frumpy/boring/unflattering designs” typically targeted for older women. She understands the feelings of insecurity and invisibility a lot of women our age face. “It was frustration at that combined feeling of being invisible and fed up with not being able to find the right pieces that inspired me to start,” she said in an online interview. “Every woman deserves to and can look stylish.”
The Evette Trousers from are anything but frumpy and they’re a great way to inject  color into an all-black wardrobe.

To give women options, Jacynth decided to stock her online shop with confidence-boosting styles from UK designers. According to her website, “every piece has been carefully selected with beautiful quality, style, and shape always in mind.” And now, those in other countries, including the US, have access to these styles, thanks to newly implemented international shipping rates. All the customer needs to supply is an open mind.

To Find Signature Style, Keep an Open Mind

An open mind, Jacynth says, is the best tool for a woman to find her style. The beautiful Ellis Coat by Emile Vidal Carr featured in’s Collection is one example of how keeping an open mind can open up possibilities. The model in the photo was originally convinced she could never wear yellow, but when Jacynth asked her to put it on, her whole perspective changed.

This is what Jacynth does best: she brings out the courage and creativity in women by encouraging them to branch out from conforming styles. “True style is about how you wear something,” she says and that simply involves feeling confident in it. Her view is, there’s nothing to be lost in trying something outside of one’s comfort zone, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the results. “Even if lots of pieces don’t work, all it takes is one or two to start broadening your horizons.”

Support Beyond the Changing Room

Jacynth knows that empowerment-through-style doesn’t just come from trying things on. Having a supportive community is important as well. That’s why she hosts private and corporate “pop-up events” where attendees can mingle, relax, and explore ideas about fashion and style. She showcases The Collection from, but she also invites special guests, such as Joanna Zara, the award-winning UK milliner to come speak to her audiences. “I want [attendees] to leave feeling confident and having gained something new,” she says, “regardless of whether they’ve made a purchase or not.”

Even if you’re not able to attend one of these events, you can still find inspiration and camaraderie through Jacynth’s expertise. Read her tips and ideas in her blog posts and discover the designers of The Collection through interviews she shares there. She also has a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram where you can connect to her and others, like me, who are striving to go against the grain to discover their signature style.

One way or the other, Jacynth’s mission makes it clear — in spite of the perceptions about age and fashion, you can find your signature style over 40 and you don’t have to be alone in while doing it.



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  • I think being over 40 (or 50 in my case!!) sometimes brings a confidence to try new things, but like you say, having the support of others makes a huge difference. Personally, I have found that starting my ‘little fashion blog’ is helping to encourage me into new fashion waters – after all you can’t just blog about the same pair of jeans and jacket every week.

    The blogging community is very supportive and friendly and is helping to raise awareness of fashion for all women, not just older women, but curvy, short, tall, in-betweens, all of us!

    • Hello Ms. Astrid!

      I’m not sure I would have thought to start a blog and participate in a fashion community prior to hitting 45, but I’m so glad I did think of it at this age so I could explore ideas, try new things, and most importantly, meet great friends like you!! I feel so blessed! Thank you for being a part of the supportive community I mentioned in the blog post!! I look forward to seeing what new outfits and ideas you share in your own blog!

      – Sherry

  • Hi Sherry,

    I seen you on Instagram and had to come over to your blog. I absolutely love that yellow bias cut jacket. Now I’m over 50 and petite. I always loved fashion and still do. We need to have an open mind …try things on and see what goes together to flatter our body. We can get conservative to funky. What we wear is an expression of our selves.

    With age comes confidence (hopefully) and we can express ourselves better than ever. I will return and see you on Instagram.


    • Hi Donna!

      Thank you for dropping by and checking out the post about! I’m so glad it resonated with you. Jacynth’s Collection is so mindfully chosen for women over 40. The designs are just stunning and very high quality! She deserves all the praise she receives.

      You’re absolutely right about keeping an open mind and how it helps that as we age we are able to express ourselves better than ever! I look forward to seeing you around on Instagram — and it looks like you just followed my page on Facebook, so I’ll see you there too! 🙂

      Have a great day!

      – Sherry

    • Hi Donna,

      Thank you for your lovely comment about the yellow Ellis jacket! It really is a personal favourite. I’ve struggled not to keep one for myself!

      Your sentiments on style and having an open mind touch very close to home for me too. Your comment “I always loved fashion and still do” is nearly word for word what my mum said when I interviewed her a while back when was just a blog. And your belief that what we wear is an expression of ourselves is exactly why I love style so much. I believe it is so important that everyone should have the opportunity to find and wear pieces that they love and will make them feel truly great.

      Sherry has written such a wonderful piece about; I’m truly honoured to have been featured on Petite Over 40 and am just thrilled that you and others have enjoyed the article!

      All the best,


  • Keeping an open mind is key. I find that we have a set idea in our minds of how we see ourselves on a daily basis. When someone messes with that we need to stretch our mind around the newly altered self image. It is about seeing yourself with new eyes.


    • I completely agree, Suzanne! Seeing ourselves outside of the boxes we’ve painted (or someone else has painted) can be tough, but I find life and fashion to be so much more fun when I have an open mind and play with new ideas!

      Have a great weekend!
      – Sherry

  • Hi Sherry, great to meet you. This is a fab post and just what some women need to inspire them into taking that leap of faith away from their comfort zone. We were all so much more confident in our youth and it’s wonderful to have that confidence back with the help of some good advice and great clothes.