Petite Over 40 Featured on Fabulous After 40

It is with great delight to announce that Petite Over 40 has been named a Styleblazer by Fabulous After 40 creator, Debora Boland!

Fashion Through The Decades From Petite Over 40

Deborah started Fabulous After 40 in 2006 after encountering the challenges of dressing stylishly over 40. This former Executive TV Producer and Host noticed there were few to no style role models to look to for ideas, so she set out to blaze her own trail with the motto “Life is too short to be Frumpy!” 

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Today, her blog reaches thousands of women in the exact same boat. As a certified image consultant with The Association of International Image Consultants International, she helps women find their signature style and radiate the confidence that comes from dressing authentically. Her blog is a source of information and inspiration, and it is also a place of support and friendship for any woman looking for a community of others facing the same challenges.

It is a great honor to be named a Styleblazer by Deborah. It makes me feel more a part of that community support system she has built. I hope you’ll head to her site and check out our chat on my approach to finding a signature style. While there, be sure to see all the other resources she has on her blog! You’ll find lots of great information and plenty of inspiration for dressing Fabulous After 40.


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  • Sherry—you always amaze me—I feel like I have learned so much from you in the short time that I’ve known you.
    The way you not only take the fashion world by storm (now a Styleblazer—wowza), but also how you focus on others is a great learning tool for me. (In my defense, I’m an only child, so the seagulls in Finding Nemo remind me of myself—“mine, mine”)
    I loved reading your interview and can’t wait to actually meet up next spring!

    • Jodie, thank you for your kind comments! I literally teared up a little! Our friendship means so much. I feel so lucky to get to work with you on our Fab Collabs!

      I learn so much from you as well! You blew me out of the water with the social media work you did after our first Fab Collab — I loved the photos you put together! I’m using that knowledge now to try to navigate these new waters.

      I can’t wait for spring when we can run around Seattle like two crazy fashionistas on a foodie frenzy!

      Hugs and Warm Thoughts for you!!

  • Be proud lady ! You are well and truly out the end of that tunnel you were digging yourself out of. An interesting read here I can relate to all the petite downers . Especially when your young and petite trying not to look like a little girl. That was hard for me too.
    Love your style and always look forward to seeing who’s iconic style your going to feature next xx

    • Thank you, Laurie! It really does feel special that Deborah choose my blog to feature on her site.

      I have some fun things in the works — just need to get back to town so I can get to the rest of my wardrobe and take some photos!

      Hugs to you, my stylish friend!

  • Love the insights!

    See so many women wearing the wrong things for their post 40 age.
    Find it a challenge to put together outfits suitable for me at age 59.

    • Hi Rhonda!

      I haven’t gone far — a family emergency/illness and a move stalled my work for a bit, but new posts are being put together as we speak! I should have something up and running next week.

      Thank you for your interest! I hope you’ll stop back by when I get rolling again!


  • Sherry, yes, this is how far behind I am at reading other blogs. Ha, ha. But I had to let you know, I read your interview on Fabulous after 40 and it was wonderful. I loved all the pictures and you did such a thorough job answering all of her questions. I love the story of how your beautiful and unique style has evolved. Thanks for sharing that we the rest of us. You are an inspiration to many of us fashion bloggers. – Amy

    • I am woefully behind in catching up with other blogs these days, Amy, so I completely understand! Thank you so much for taking the time to catch up and say hi!

      I’m also woefully behind in posting. Your comments, though, are always so encouraging–they make me want to hurry back and get to writing again. Thank you for that!

      – Sherry