IMG_1668About Me: 

My name is Sherry Dryja. I’m a food and fiction writer. Most of my food writing can be found in Beer Connoisseur Magazine and on their website. I also write for my own food blog, Kitchen Dilettante. My fiction is still a work in progress, but I’ve completed my novel and am in the process of editing it. You can bet if it gets published I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops!

When I turned 45 years old I decided I needed to get out of my fashion rut and find my signature style. As a writer, though, I know better than to just launch out empty handed. That could get very expensive very fast and lead nowhere. I needed a better foundation in fashion, a better understanding of patterns, lines, and how everything works together. It seemed reasonable to also want to know why we consider something beautiful one year and out of date the next. As a genealogist, my instinct then, was to start with history.

So, now I’m in research mode, but this isn’t any kind of drudgery hide-in-the-library research. This is hands-on, literally put myself in someone else’s shoes kind of research. I’m traveling through time — all the way to the 1920s and back — to learn about the iconic fashion elements for each decade up to the present day. As I grasp a trend from a particular era, I’ll seek it out in modern form to try it on and test how I like it. Then I’ll blog about it here, making every element of each outfit I write about available to you with links to my resources.

My hope is to push myself beyond the neutrals I wear far too often into patterns and styles I might never have tried. My goal is to find a style that’s all my own, something that expresses who I am from inside out. The trick may be finding what I’m looking for in petites, but I’m up for all these challenges! Are you with me?

About My Sizes:

If you’re following along for your own fashion adventure, you might like to have some of my sizing details to guesstimate how these same things might fit on you. I stand just at 5 feet tall. Last time I checked, my measurements were 32-25-34. I usually shop in the Petites section and I tend to wear the following sizes: XSP, 0P, 2P. I typically wear size 6 in shoes.


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