Shop Seattle

Wanna shop Seattle like a real Seattleite? Pass up the mall and log off the internet and get yourself to the boutiques, thrift stores, and vintage shops I post about. You’ll come away with unique treasures that make excellent gifts and/or perfectly suit your signature style, all while supporting small business owners around town. It’s a win-win!

If you live too far from Seattle but love Seattle’s aesthetic, many of the local shops I feature offer online shopping as well. Be sure to check out their websites and, if you need more information than that, call or email them. It’s kinda great that you can reach a real person–often the owner!–who’s invested in their business.

I don’t get paid for posting these resources or for any purchases you make from these stores. Not one penny. But I do get satisfaction in helping build the community I’m so proud to be a part of.

Map It Out

Below is a map of many of the shops I shop here in Seattle. The map was created by Amy Tipton, the owner of Sassafras.

Shopping Map of downtown Seattle shops created by Amy Tipton of Sassafras in Seattle.