A Versatile Tunic Dress Layered for Winter in Seattle

Yesterday I paired up Lizz Basinger’s Solo Pleat Tunic Dress with a scarf and boots. Today you may recognize the layers I added to another Sassafras purchase I wrote about earlier in the week: a faux fur vest and my motorcycle jacket.

A Versatile Tunic Dress Layered for Winter in Seattle

For the vest, I removed the scarf and added a couple of necklaces. I’ll write about those later–one of those necklaces is particularly special. The reason I left out the scarf is that I wanted to show how this vest changes the shape of Lizz’s dress.

If I leave the vest unzipped, you can see the pleat easily and it gives a long visual line from my neck to my knees.

Long visual lines are always a welcome feature for petites.

A Versatile Tunic Dress Layered for Winter in Seattle

At the risk of breaking up that lovely long line, I actually prefer the vest zipped. Even though Lizz’s tunic dress already has shape built into it, that gets covered up when I put something over the dress. Zipping the vest adds shape back in and makes the outfit feel more put-together.

A Versatile Tunic Dress Layered for Winter in Seattle

I didn’t mention this yesterday but take a look at the three-quarter sleeves on this dress. Lizz shows them rolled up on her website and Amy from Sassafras mentioned that’s how she wears her Solo Pleat Tunic Dress as well. I go back and forth–sometimes rolled up, sometimes long, like in the photo below. Since this outfit has long sleeves poking out from underneath, I felt the unrolled gave a cleaner look.

A Versatile Tunic Dress Layered for Winter in Seattle

And now for the jacket:

I still pine after Shari Noble’s La Macón Cat jacket and I hope to acquire my own down the road. For now, though, I appreciate the warmth and style this jacket by Rag and Bone gives me.

A Versatile Tunic Dress Layered for Winter in Seattle

Notice I put the scarf back on and switched back to the Khombu snow boots I featured yesterday. This is definitely a style fit for a cold Seattle day.

A Versatile Tunic Dress Layered for Winter in Seattle

A side profile gives a peek at the shirttail hem of the dress. That hem may get its start in men’s tailored fashion, but I find it playful and unique.

A Versatile Tunic Dress Layered for Winter in Seattle


Let’s head into the weekend with another favorite find from Sassafras: cozy flannel by Candace Jermaigne. Who doesn’t love cozy flannel in the middle of winter? Candace takes it to the next level with all kinds of great details. Come on back tomorrow!

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  • I usually like my vests & jackets buttoned/zipped up too! I know there’s that thought about the lean line with the column of color, but in reality, isn’t that only from the front! Everyone else sees the side & rear views??
    But it’s nice to have the variety and I love how you interchanged the toppers with both dresses. It really shows how your wardrobe is so versatile, Sherry!!

    • Thank you, dear Jodie! This has been a fun exercise for me, forcing me to stick within certain boundaries, like shoes and accessories, to see how many outfits I could put together with just three pieces. I’m with Marilee (see her comment below) that a splash of color would be nice here, but given the parameters I set for this experiment, I’m happy with the outcome!

      I hope you and Rob have a great weekend!

      – Sherry

  • I LOVE the dress paired with the leather biker jacket, scarf, and cutie booties! You look absolutely darling Sherry!!
    I’m craving a blast of color though… What do you think of a splash of bright yellow in a scarf or a bright beret!?!